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Welcome to Dariya’s Blog!

Welcome to Dariya’s Blog!

A place where I get to geek out and write articles about health, fitness and lifestyle!

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SOME OF OUR FAVOURITE SPICES AND THEIR HEALTH BENEFITS Turmeric – Few foodstuffs have had scientists scratching...

Posted by Dariya on May 10, 2018

SNACKING One of my favourite topics to talk about it snacking! I am known to just continuously eat thro...

Posted by Dariya on April 23, 2018
The Miracle of Kombucha

WHAT IS KOMBUCHA Kombucha is made by combining green or black tea, sugar and a living culture, also known as a "Mothe...

Posted by Dariya on April 9, 2018
You don't need energy drinks to conquer the day!

ALL NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTERS! Everyone that knows me, also knows that I am against energy drinks. Not only that, but ...

Posted by Dariya on March 9, 2018