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Catering and Meals to Go

Only the best products we can get, so that you can build meals to your tastes and needs!

  • How the Custom Menu Works

    Welcome to our custom menu page. On this page you can build your own meals, and order how ever many of them you would like. Or, you can build multiple dishes to keep your taste buds guessing all week long. You simply head over to the drop down menus, starting with your protein, and specifying the size.

    After you're done picking your protein, scroll down and choose any one of our carbohydrate or vegetables sides. You can omit your carbohydrate, no problem at all, and you can even substitute it with an extra vegetable side.

    To finish off your dish, you can also add any one of our custom sauces, and you’re good to go!

    Once your dish is complete, you decide how many of that dish you would like, press order, and it will show up in your shopping cart for purchase. To order more custom dishes, simply head back up to the top of the page, and repeat the process! Enjoy!

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